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A Broader Definition of Tech

If you look up the definition of "technology" in the dictionary, you won't find language pertaining exclusively to computers and internet. In fact, the definition is quite vague: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

Current society forgets that some of the greatest technological innovations were things like the wheel and the printing press - essential components of our daily lives for centuries! It is only recently that the word "technology" has become conflated with the digital world of Information Technology (IT) and software.

At Odyssey, we take a broader view of technology – systems, where an input is transformed through a process into an output. This can certainly apply to software and all things digital , but it can also apply to innovations within the physical world. In fact, we see some of the best opportunities in this latter space - commercializing the innovations that may change our lives as the internal combustion engine once did.

We seek to invest and partner with companies who are innovating within inputs, processes, outputs, or systems holistically. It's time to talk about technology in the broader sense once more - it's not just soft technology, but hard technology too!

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